Artificial Teeth (Dental Implants)

Dental implants are the best and most optimal solution for treating tooth loss, which significantly affects tooth alignment and facial structure. It’s crucial to promptly replace missing teeth.

How Dental Implants are Placed: Dental implants, fully compatible with the human mouth, are precisely placed into the bone, followed by the fitting of the appropriate precise prosthesis.

Dental implants offer numerous advantages, including not affecting adjacent teeth at all and having an ideal and excellent lifespan and durability.

Benefits of Dental Implants: Dental implants closely resemble natural teeth in shape, texture, stability, and durability.

If you’re experiencing partial or complete tooth loss, dental implant procedures like “All-on-4” or “All-on-6” can significantly enhance your quality of life.

Neglecting tooth loss may lead to bone loss, making treatment more difficult, including the need for bone grafting. It can also cause a prematurely aged appearance in the face, and adjacent teeth may shift into the missing space, further complicating treatment.



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